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SULA LABS is a B2B beauty R&D lab. We develop & test skincare products & ingredients for brands creating products for melanin-rich consumers.

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Formula & Product Development
  • Custom and private label formulations
  • SPF Formulations
  • Seamless scaleup at partner manufacturers
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  • Claims Testing for skin hydration levels, moisturization levels, depigmentation levels
  • SPF & broad spectrum Testing
  • Safey & Compliance testing

SULA LABS closes inclusivity gaps resulting in melanin-rich consumer dissatisfaction by centering on: formulation, clinical/consumer testing, and ingredient development.

Black soap and other ingredients

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We develop ingredients created from unrefined, ECOCERT botanicals by women farmers in Tamale, Ghana for use in your products -- accompanied with data on their efficacy. Inquire about using our materials in your products, and supporting a Ghanaian women-owned cooperative.

The SULA LABS Report

The SULA LABS Report

The SULA LABS Report is our monthly lab report on beauty industry trends, controversies, conversations, and education. Subscribe today to deliver straight to your inbox.

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Innovation Line

The SULA LABS innovation line is a private label collection of products geared towards consumer insights from darker skinned consumers. Take your product to market quickly with either your manufacturer or our partner manufacturer.

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Efficacy Testing

There is a wide inclusivity gap in beauty testing. Test your products for efficacy in hyperpigmentation, moisturization, or hydration with our clinical or consumer testing panels, with access to a diverse set of panel participants.


Step 1

Ingredient research, literature review, & market research

Step 2

Formula Sampling and Approval

Step 3

Compliance testing & validation

Step 4

Claims/efficacy testing (optional)

Step 5

Tech transfer + manufacture

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Can we use SULA LABS-developed ingredients in our products?
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Do you develop products in line with Sephora Clean, Credo Clean, and Ulta Clean standards?
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Do you develop products for brands outside of the US?
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Do you do both clinical and consumer testing?
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